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Ayura Sri Lanka

That Precious Gem The source of Sri Lanka’s mysticism and magic can be traced back to the time of King Solomon, when he traded among Sri Lanka’s shimmering waters and wooed the Queen of Sheba with gems so magnificent that still to this day inspire wonder and adoration. The great travellers, Marco Polo and Sinbad the Sailor, soon discovered the hidden treasure of the island’s gems, marking the historic date when the world truly realised the wealth of the country’s riches. Sri Lanka’s rivers and mountains were awash with precious stones. These beautiful and enchanting treasures are today encapsulated in the perfect masterpieces of AYURA.

The company harbours a true gemstone paradise, and has over the years become a firm favourite. It is the darling of global jet setters, the sparkle in a woman’s attire, the status symbol for Sheikhs, the glamour among Emirates and the true blue of Royalty.

With roots that date back to a heritage of over four generations, AYURA is today renowned for its active supply of precious gemstones and jewellery to the world’s largest high-end brands and selective customers. AYURA produces finely selected, cut and polished sapphires making it one of today’s leading sapphire companies.

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